Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Games children play

Ring around the rosie
I thought I'd write an entry about the games the girls like to play these days.  "Ring Around the Rosie" is a big favorite of Anna's.  If your inner ear could take it, she would play it with you forever and ever more.  I've managed to make it fun to "pretend" that you're really dizzy and fall to the ground.  Cara is old enough to join in now, as you can see from this picture.

Just laughing

I'm not sure what the game is, but in the car, the girls will just look at each other and then laugh themselves silly.  I assume somebody is doing something that must be funny.  They've been doing that since Cara was facing backwards next to Anna, who always faced forward since Cara was born (I think).


Something that used to be a big hit for Anna was jumping up and down on daddy's belly, especially right after dinner.  It started out as a simple up and down motion that was fun, but it eventually became Anna full-blown jumping up in the air, and kicking her feet downward into my stomach as she came down, exerting maximum downward force.  Big fun!  She doesn't do it as much anymore, although Cara is now starting to play that game.  Both of them love to stand on my belly and launch themselves over my head, the idea being that I have a hold of them and lift them up to "fly."  I have been ready for them to launch themselves most of the time, and so far no incidents have occurred if I wasn't.

Cracking heads

One day after dinner, we heard the sound of heads cracking against the dinner table.  But instead of the expected crying, there was lots of laughing, then more cracking of heads from under the table.  It didn't sound fun - it sounded painful, but what do we know?  It was big fun, apparently (until Cara cracked her head just a bit too enthusiastically).  This game carried over into the hotel room when we visited Sesame Place, when it became fun to crack your head against the headboard.

Here's some video of the girls playing, taken from our photo gallery:

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