Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cara's turn

I thought I would give Cara a turn to have an entry all about her. I realize most of my entries are stories about Anna - but I guess more funny things tend to happen when the little one can talk and give you a window into their mind.

Cara says a few distinct words that we can understand now, but we sometimes still need to figure out what word she's saying.  For example, "bet" means she wants to go to bed.  "Choche" means "George," which refers to Curious George (she loves reading the very short Curious George books now, over and over). "Eenk" means "drink," "eelk" means "milk" specifically.  She can say "eat" and ask for a "bite" clearly.  "Bankeet" means she wants her blanket. A recent one is something like "ammmich", which we thought meant "sandwich," but learned by wild guessing it just meant jelly on bread, and not in sandwich form.

She still very much wants to do whatever Anna does, and wants you to "ook" (look) at something of hers frequently.  For example, Anna got her fingernails painted, and when Anna was showing me her fingernails after work one day, Cara had to come up and say, "Ook! Ook!!" while showing me her (unpainted) hand. Or she will come out and tell me to "ook" at her pigtails after mommy puts them in.  She's always very proud of the stamp she gets on her hand after visiting the library and makes sure I "ook" at it several times.

As far as playing, she likes to play with the Little People farm.  She still enjoys stealing Anna's kitty and running away with it while Anna chases her.  She likes to jump on my belly like Anna does, and she likes to be chased.  She enjoys the little plastic playhouse we have out in the backyard - she'll go inside and wave hi to everyone through the windows. She likes sitting on my lap and reading the 5-page little story books.  I think her obsession with the dishwasher is over.

She ditched her high chair long ago and really likes her booster seat at the main table.  I guess she just really wanted to sit with everyone else at the same table instead of in her own chair.  She's also the opposite of Anna as far as eating - she'll eat or at least try just about anything.  Oh, and she is really fond of another girl named Rachel.  She asked for her when we were going to the park last Saturday.  Interesting that Anna's best friend is also Rachael (only with an A).

So, Cara is growing just fine. I'm looking forward to when she can really start talking - I'm sure we'll have plenty more stories to write once the girls can actually talk with each other!

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