This page is for providing easy-to-find links to various pictures, videos, or other media that I may have mentioned elsewhere in this blog. Right now, the photo gallery is the main place to find all our pictures and raw short video.  I may add things here from time to time if I ever have the time to make other things.

Shared Media Folder on Google

Click here to go to our shared media folder and find various items, such as the following video collages:
  • Anna's 4th Birthday Party
  • Too Far Between (our family reunion in Orlando, 2007)
  • A Prayer for Anna (put together shortly after Anna was born)


Photo gallery

This is pretty much our entire library of digital pictures.  As you might understand, I don't have enough time to be able to caption every single picture, so I've placed them in broad categories to help keep them somewhat organized.  There are little videos scattered throughout the gallery, too.

12/31/2012:  Sorry, but the photo gallery is currently unavailable. I'm working on relocating it and will post the link here when that's done.

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