Welcome to our website!  For those that may not already know us, the condensed version of our story so far this:  Dave and Beth grew up in the Midwest, met and dated throughout college, got married after graduation in 1998, moved to Maryland, and have two beautiful girls, Anna (2004) and Cara (2006), plus a very active boy, Eddie (2009).  Dave is a software engineer, and after 4 1/2 years of teaching high school chemistry, Beth became a full-time mother staying at home.

Dave has been a member of The National Christian Choir since 2001, where he sings as baritone, has served on its council for several years, has served as vice president and president of the Choir, and started the NCC's official Facebook page. He also holds a private pilot certificate, and after a flying hiatus while we were having kids, he enjoys taking the kids, family, and friends flying from time to time.

Beth is a chronically busy stay-at-home mom who does a great job juggling everyone's conflicting schedules, makes sure we're all fed and clothed.  She's much better at this than Dave.  In her spare time, she's taken up sewing and has enjoyed making creations for the kids and for friends.

Why do we have this journal? Glad you asked!

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