Sunday, October 21, 2007

Simple pleasures

Today after naptime we took the girls to the store to pick up a few things, and afterwards I thought we'd stop at Dairy Queen for hot dogs and ice cream.  When I asked the girls if they wanted hot dogs, Cara nodded her head mechanically, and Anna said "Yes!" Then when I said that after we have hot dogs, we can have ice cream, Anna said "I don't want it!"

I knew she couldn't be talking about not wanting ice cream, so I asked what she didn't want.  She responded, "I don't want hot dog." So I told her she has to eat something for dinner - if she doesn't want a hot dog, what does she want?  And in the tiniest little voice ever, that I could barely hear, she whispered, "Ice cream."  The lesson for me here is not to even mention ice cream as an incentive to eat the real dinner.

Fortunately, they both behaved very well and ate their hot dogs & chips relatively well.  They didn't like the milk at Dairy Queen for some reason.  But boy, when it was time for the ice cream, you'd think we hadn't fed them for days.  Anna just wolfed hers down without any help, and Cara ate it so fast, she started crying - which we could only assume was an ice cream headache.  It reminded me of the time my friend Ryan said that he used to tell the kids at his church when they would get ice cream headaches that it was because they weren't eating it fast enough. A lot of it also ended up in her hair somehow…

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