Saturday, October 27, 2007

The lizard

[Insert screechy horror music here]
When we pulled into our villa yesterday and I opened Anna's door, she noticed something on the driveway that has haunted her ever since.  Unfortunately, one of the neighborhood's friendly lizards met his demise under a car tire sometime recently, and Anna had to witness the gore firsthand.

Now every time we come back to the villa, as we're turning into the driveway, Anna says, "I'm scared of the lizard. I don't want to see the lizard!"

The lizards are everywhere here in Florida, and there were several crawling on the screens of Titi Toni's outside porch.  Anna pointed one out from inside the house and was scared.  I carried her outside to get an up close look so she would see that they're actually cute and friendly critters, and they're not all as horrific as the first lizard she saw.

Fotunately she warmed up to them (but not enough to hold the one that Uncle Curt caught) and doesn't mind seeing them running around outside anymore. However, she won't forget the first lizard she saw anytime soon - she still told us she didn't want to see the lizard when we pulled into our villa this afternoon for their naps.

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