Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heading to Orlando

It's 8:55pm, and we're all settled down in a hotel room in Santee, SC.  The girls are in their pack & plays, Beth is trying to fall asleep, and all the lights are out - it's just too early for me to be tired enough to fall asleep, so I have my laptop on in the dark with the brightness turned as far down as it will go.

The drive today went exceptionally well, I thought - there was hardly any crying or yelling, unlike our drive to Kansas City last Christmas where Cara yelled at the top of her lungs for literally an hour straight.  By playing music for the first 2 hours then turning on a Curious George DVD, we were able to drive almost 4 straight hours without stopping.  It also helped that Beth refrained from her coffee and didn't need to stop.  We were on the road 8.5 hours today, are staying overnight in South Carolina, and have 6 hours to go tomorrow.

Anna is excited to see everybody - she keeps repeating who is going to be there and asking who else will be there.  She always remembers to mention Titi Edna - maybe that smack in the head last time was more memorable than we thought.  And today's anecdote, which occurred after we ate dinner near the hotel and Cara was breaking down:
Cara: Bankee! Bankee! (crying for her blanket)
Anna: Your blanket is in the hot towel, Cara! (the hotel)

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