Saturday, October 27, 2007


Beth & I are back in the villa for a few hours with the girls after having spent the morning at the Hortons' place.  The girls are really tired, and we're trying to let them have a sense of keeping their usual schedule and get some rest.

We got to see Titi Edna, Titi Toni, and Abuela (the girls' great grandmother) for the first time in several years again.  Abuela kept apologizing for her appearance when we stopped in this morning - it really was ok, since their flight from Puerto Rico had gotten in around midnight, and they didn't get to bed until 2am.  I'm sure the girls were wondering who the creepy lady was, talking to us from behind a pillow - it was Titi Edna, afraid of her morning breath.  Both Titi Toni & Titi Edna have been hard at work trying to make the biggest impression on the girls.

We've been having a great time - lots of laughing, dancing around with the girls, and making music with Christopher and Nicky (I hope I'm spelling it right).  The girls have gotten to bang on a keyboard along with them, Anna has spelled her name for the microphone many times: A-n-n-n-a.  They even got to open Christmas presents - several nice sets of PJs from Abuela and Titi Edna, and some princess jewelry, a video and a book from Titi Toni.  Oh, and also a water jug that was a big hit.

I've included a few pictures from our visit so far.  This evening, the Hortons' church is having a fall festival, so we're planning to head over that way after naptime for some food and fun.  It wasn't too hard putting the kids down to sleep - in fact, Cara didn't even make it 5 minutes in the car from the Hortons' place to our villa.

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