Sunday, October 28, 2007

Playing and dancing

After naptime yesterday, we went back to the Hortons to visit some more.  Dad had some Spanish music playing - the girls have always loved Spanish music, since we played some of the Christmas Spanish music that my parents sent us.  They danced and danced and ran and shook their behinds.  I've linked just a couple of the pics and videos here - the rest will be included in our photo gallery once I post everything:

Not wanting the girls to get to bed too late, we took them back to the villa somewhere around 9:30 or so.  Beth was nice enough to let me drop them all off and go back to play with my family. At the community clubhouse, we played some ping pong and pool, then we headed back to the house where we taught dad to play some blitz, now a tradition at our reunions.

We ended up playing cards until well after midnight. The real competition was who, between dad and Titi Toni, was going to end up in last place - I pretty much wiped up the floor with all of them (I have to brag now because I will get an earful when my lucky streak ends and I lose big).

This morning several of us took a walk with the girls around the lake behind the house. It did me in (and Cara, too) - ok, so I'm way out of shape, and I didn't carry the girls that much, but it's Florida, and it was hot, and it was a long walk!  The girls are taking their naps now, and I'm sitting here in the nice A/C in the quiet, writing this up.  Anna has already said she wants to dance to music after her nap. [Update - Anna never went to sleep at all, so hopefully she won't be a little monster tonight!  Also, the lizard has now become a "giant lizard" in Anna's mind - and she looks for it every time we get out of the car at the villa.]

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