Monday, September 24, 2007

Download and listen to live broadcast of the 9/22/2007 NCC concert at Moody Church in Chicago

I'm back home from the NCC Chicago tour, and I think the link I may have given out for folks to listen to the Moody Church concert wasn't correct - Beth said our concert wasn't on at 8:10pm Eastern time.

Fortunately, my dad recorded the live broadcast off the Internet, so if you missed it, you can download it and listen to it.  It was a wonderful concert, one of my favorites from my 6 years with the choir. Moody Church is the perfect place for choral singing, the repertoire this season is very meaningful, and there were around 4,000 people in attendance, which sounded incredible when everyone in the church was singing together. I apologize if you tried to listen live and couldn't - but here's your second chance:

Download the NCC's 9/22/2007 Moody concert broadcast here.  I recommend you save it to your hard drive first (right click on the link) and play it from there - this is a 92MB file.  Thanks, Dad, for recording this! Note that this is a recording of the internet stream, so it won't be as high quality as if it had been recorded directly from the radio.

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