Monday, September 3, 2007

Big girl perks

Tonight we had trouble again getting Anna to eat.  She likes peas, and she likes rice, but for some reason she wouldn't eat the rice, and she was eating the peas one at a time and didn't eat very many.  We eventually gave up, and didn't let her have any cookies for dessert because she didn't eat her dinner.  She seemed to understand.
As I was putting her to bed, we had this conversation:
Me: Goodnight, baby Anna!
Anna:  I'm not baby, I'm big girl!
Me: Oh, you are? Did you know that big girls eat their dinners?
Anna:  No… they get cookies!
I don't know if three year olds understand jokes or not, but she was on the verge of giggling when she said that. After she said it, though, we both laughed.

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