Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I want daddy to hold you

Anna understands the meaning of the words “you” and “me.”  She uses them correctly when she talks, except in one situation.  When she wants to be held, she will use the wrong word and say something like “I want daddy to hold you,” or “Can mommy hold you,” or “I need to hold you.”

I’m pretty sure she picked that up from before she could talk.  When she had no words but would signal that she wanted to be held, we would say “Do you want daddy to hold you?”  A perfectly innocent question.  But now it’s ingrained in her head that this is the way you ask to be held, and it has us scratching our heads how to explain the right way to ask, because in explaining it we’d have to say “you” and “me” in several different ways… oh well, I’m sure it will work itself out eventually!

By the way… it’s 10:10pm, and I just heard Anna laughing like the Count on Sesame Street.

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