Saturday, August 11, 2007


It’s 9:50 pm, and the girls are in bed.  Playing, not sleeping.  Beth has already been in their room to tell them to go to sleep.  Anna obeys initially, but Cara doesn’t understand yet - so when Beth leaves the room, Cara goes back to talking in her crib, and it’s of course too much for Anna to take to stay still and quiet while her sister is trying to talk to her.  Hopefully they won’t be monsters tomorrow.

I realized at dinner tonight that Cara is really starting to say words clearly.  “Milk,” “down,” “mommy,” “daddy,” “more,” “ball,” “yessssssssss,” (which she says with a very slow, mechanical nodding of her head), and of course, “NO!”  She also likes to “sing” songs she recognizes, which for now is holding a single pitch when there’s a long note in the song.

Anna has never been a great eater, so far.  Tonight, though, I noticed that when we told her to eat her chicken, she started to hide the chicken underneath her napkin.  So it begins.  Little does she realize I can spot that scam a mile away - while growing up, my little sister Becky used to always need to “go to the bathroom” at dinner, and I just KNEW that she had a mouthful of food and was spitting it into the toilet.  But I could never prove it, until she fessed up to it one day when we were all together revealing all our childhood secrets to our horrified parents.  So watch out, Anna, I’m on to you.

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