Monday, August 13, 2007

Carnival Days

During the summers out here in Maryland, the volunteer fire departments raise money by holding week-long carnivals.  The food is usually pretty good, and we go with Anna’s best friend Rachael and her family when we can.  The last one we went to, our friends picked up an “unlimited rides” bracelet for Anna, for just $8.  We went on the last day it could be used, and darn it if we stayed for the rides even though it was trying to rain a little bit.

Cara’s too small for the rides still, so her main ride is the stroller.  Anna and I took our first ferris wheel ride together this summer, which I won’t soon forget.  Anna just loves the other carnival rides, too, squealing, smiling hugely, laughing, waving as she goes by.  Those are the moments I wish we could freeze and hold on to forever.

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