Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visit to the "real" aquarium

Today I took the day off, and we took the girls to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  We got a membership that pays for itself in 2 visits, but gives you year-round admission and lets you enter right away instead of getting a timed ticket.  We thought it'd be good since the girls loved SeaWorld, and each time we go to Walmart, they go crazy looking at the fish, calling it the "aquarium."

They really had a good time.  Anna was so excited about seeing seahorses, that's all she could talk about.  Then when we saw an alligator, she was so excited telling mommy about it that she made herself cough and couldn't finish.  Cara liked laying down on the ledges and watching the fish lying on the ground next to the glass.  While it was neat seeing dolphins, the show at SeaWorld is much more entertaining.

Anyway, I imagine we'll being going back a few more times during our membership year.  Anna was crying when we were walking back to the car - she didn't want to go home but wanted to stay at the aquarium, or at least walk around the Inner Harbor more.  It is a neat section of Baltimore, right on the harbor.  We'll be back.

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