Friday, July 4, 2008

Am I really that old?

Do I look like this?
Tonight at the Morris's 4th of July party, I was chatting with Fran Morris, catching up. In the course of the conversation, she cautiously asked me, "So Dave, how is your health these days?"

"Huh," I thought, "this is a new one." It was such a general question, I was trying to comprehend what would have sparked it. Do I look sickly? I didn't think that was it. Do I look older than I should at 32?  No, I didn't think that was it, either.  Is there an unspoken age that I've now reached where people just know they better ask about your health?  If so, is 32 that magic age? Seems young to me.

"Uhhm," I replied, "my health?  It's uh, fine, really.  Nothing exciting - I don't even think I've been to the doctor since high school!"  That seemed to surprise her, so now I really wondered what was wrong with me.

Hoping she wasn't opening a can of worms, Fran cautiously told me why she asked. Apparently, Tony, the hispanic pastor of our old church, leads their Bible study.  Two years ago or so, he apparently got the impression from somewhere that I had multiple sclerosis, so I've been on their prayer list for two years!  I was certainly touched that they prayed for me, but it's pretty funny - except for the real person with MS who's been missing out on all the prayer.

Now I have to wonder who told Pastor Tony that I had MS. I'm willing to bet it's the same person that told us that the Morrises had already moved out of Ohio and made us miss their parties last year.  Whoever it is - they must be stopped.

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