Thursday, May 29, 2008

These boots were made for... everything

Beth & the girls went to a shoe store yesterday. One of my friends in the choir manages the store, and he was kind enough to give them full service and a nice discount.  While the girls got a few pairs of new shoes, their favorite item by far was their new rainboots.  They wanted to wear them out of the store and in the car back home.  This morning they insisted on wearing their rainboots with their outfit for the day.  They love those boots - now we just need it to rain so they can go splash in puddles.

This evening we played a little bit on the porch with sidewalk chalk and bubbles (in our boots, of course).  Anna wanted a chalk outline of her whole body.  After I outlined her and Cara a couple times, I took a rest, and the girls continued outlining each other.

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