Thursday, May 29, 2008

New games

Cara hand-feeds a hungry, hungry hippo
We got out some games recently that Beth got at yard sales.  One was Connect Four.  The girls just like to fill the thing up with all the pieces, then move the switch to dump them out, then repeat. And repeat.

We also got out Hungry Hungry Hippos.  That was a big hit.  Cara likes to hand-feed the hippos.  Anna likes to talk to the hippos, sometimes giving them their "food" by hand, but mostly dumping all the marbles into the middle and making one chomp and chomp furiously.

Cara still likes to eat all her food with her fingers, whether it be spaghetti, corn, yogurt, or ice cream.  Anna still loves to wear her pink snowman slippers to bed (the one Titi Edna and Abuela gave her in Orlando), regardless of which set of PJs she's wearing.

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