Monday, March 17, 2008

Ready for Israel

Sea of Galilee
Tonight was the last rehearsal before The National Christian Choir travels to Israel.  I've been so busy with work, the kids, listing/fixing the house, getting my car fixed, doing taxes, figuring out health insurance changes, etc., etc., etc., that it didn't really sink in how close the trip was until Harry (the director) said "See you in the Holy Land!" before we went home.  We're all very excited.  We had several additional singers from the region who are singing with us in Israel at our last few rehearsals.  We're expecting around 30 or 40 more singers from around the country to also join us, but we won't be meeting them or rehearsing with them until we get to Tel Aviv next week.  Dad arrives this weekend to stay at our house in Maryland a few days before we depart for Israel. It should be quite an experience - please keep all of us (around 300 in total) in your prayers as we travel!

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