Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quite a scare tonight

Cara, after using markers
It's a little after 1am. We just had quite a scare with Cara.  She cried out, so Beth went to check on her.  She was burning up, unresponsive, making a kind of choking sound like something was in her throat, and her eyes were rolled back.  We took off her PJs and put a cold, wet, towel on her head.  The temperature under her arm was 104.2, so her actual temperature was probably higher.  While I tried to get Cara to respond to us, Beth called 911.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Cara finally snapped out of whatever it was, and although she was very lethargic still, at least she was looking aware of where she was.  The paramedics said that what we described sounded like a "febrile seizure," where she had a low grade fever all day then it just spiked, and the high temperature caused what we saw.  They said we should take her to the ER, so that's where Beth is going now.  I'm staying home because somehow, Anna slept through all the commotion and is still asleep in her bed.  Cara was very clingy to Beth.

By the time we were putting Cara into the car, she was talking, and even saying, "Bye, Daddy!"  So I think everything will be fine. It was a scary thing to see, though, when you have no idea what's happening, for how long, why, or how serious it is.

At least I wasn't out of town just yet.  I'm a little concerned about the trend, though - last time I was out of town (in Seattle), Beth had to have the fire department come and break in to the house.  Cara had locked her out when she was getting the paper!

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