Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas 2007

The scene at our house this past Christmas was… well, probably atypical from what you might expect.  We probably had the only children in America that didn't want to open their presents.  Not because they don't like presents - they were just very sick.  Seems like we were all sick at one point or another from the 3rd week in December through the rest of the year.  The girls just got sick right around Christmas time - Anna got the pleasure of going to the doctor on Christmas Eve. Anyway, we had to laugh at the thought of us sitting around the Christmas tree, with crying children, feeling like the ogre parents forcing presents upon them, the poor things.  So to appease their short tolerance for all things exciting, we spread out opening presents over a few days, so each day we'd open just a few, then let them play.

I updated our picture gallery with pictures from Christmas (Day-to-Day->2007-2008 Winter).  You can just tell that the girls felt awful.  You can even tell they were crying even as they're opening presents.

 They did really like their presents, though.  They really enjoyed the books, the videos, the puzzles, the stickers, the new pajamas… Anna actually wanted to wear her new pajamas with the footies, which was a change from her always wanting to wear the silky snowman PJs with fluffy slippers that she got from (I think) Abuela and Titi Edna while we were in Orlando.  She still loves those PJs, by the way, and even when she's not wearing them, she'll frequently insist on wearing the slippers to bed.

They really enjoyed the Curious George and Sesame Street blankets that Aunt Raquel made for them - they use them every time they go to bed. Cara was enthralled by this little Silent Night book that plays the song and has lots of little twinkling lights that flash around baby Jesus' head.  We heard that song all night long, and all day long, for several days.  They really did enjoy all of their presents - I won't list all of them, but thank you all for the gifts.  You helped make their Christmas very special.

I unfortunately had to work to meet some deadlines - Christmas day was the only day I completely took off.  I did get to take the girls back to see the big Winter Lights display, which I had promised we'd go see again before they took all the lights down for the season.

The girls are giggling in their room right now, so have to go tell them (again) to go to sleep.  At least they're staying in their own beds. They've just been lying in their beds, giggling.

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