Thursday, November 8, 2007

Poor Cara

Today, Beth switched preschool carpooling times with another mom. So instead of Beth dropping off Anna and another girl at preschool then the other mom picking them up, today the other mom came to pick Anna up from our house.  Beth told me that when Anna was saying "Bye, mom!" and heading out the door to school, Cara started crying and begging for Anna to come back.  I guess she loves her big sister.

And also, at the dinner table today, Anna said that when we were done we could go to Titi Toni's house. I reminded her about how long the car ride was and how Titi Toni is far away, but Anna seemed like she didn't mind the car ride as long as we could see Titi Toni! Maybe she also misses the warm weather - the low tonight here in Maryland is 29.

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