Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Movie trailer magic

I was watching some of my cousin Christopher's videos on YouTube, and there were a couple links to a some "recut" movie trailers that I found pretty funny.  They reminded me of the time Beth & I went on a date to see The Story of Us, which from the trailer looked like a romantic comedy but turned out to be mostly fighting and yelling and divorce and then more fighting.

A movie trailer can make a movie look like anything but what it really is. Beth can't even be within earshot of the music in a horror movie and not have nightmares, but based on these movie trailers, I would say she'd want to go see The Shining (a horror movie) rather than Mary Poppins (a children's movie).

By the way, I am really curious to see what Christopher decides to do when he's all grown up. I think he has a lot of potential to work in film, and he's also a very talented musician. He's almost done with high school, which is crazy to me. Maybe to get Beth to watch my scary movies, I should get him to recut all the trailers as romantic comedies…

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