Sunday, August 10, 2008

Montgomery County Fair 2008

Tonight we took the girls to the Montgomery County Fair.  We haven't been able to take them to any of the local carnivals this summer, so we wanted to be sure to take them.  Anna loved the ferris wheel last year and had been talking about it for awhile.  This time, Cara was able to ride with us.  She really liked the ferris wheel, too, and kept saying she wanted to do it again.  I can't remember without looking if Cara rode the merry-go-round last year or not, but this year she really enjoyed it, too.  She had to sit out and watch Anna go on the "jet skis" by herself, though, since she wasn't tall enough yet. The only drama we had was when we were leaving.  Nobody wanted to go home!

Montgomery County is the county south of us.  I always thought the name of OUR county's fair was a little grandiose: "The Great Frederick Fair."  I discovered that there must be a rivalry between counties regarding who has the best one, because down there, theirs is called "The Spectacular Montogmery County Fair."

More pics are in our photo gallery under Day-to-Day, 2008 Summer.  Here are a few videos of the girls having fun at the fair:

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