Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Slipper emergency

Last night at 3:15 a.m., Anna came and woke me up.  "Daddy, I lost a slipper!  I need to find it!"  So I got up to help her find her single lost slipper in her dark room.  Once we found it, all was ok. She put it on (she was wearing the other one already) and went back to sleep. Titi Edna, these are (still) the pink snowman slippers that you gave to Anna in Orlando last fall.  She loves those slippers and still wears them to bed (i.e., sleeps with them on) every single night.  They're getting a little worn from so much use. Titi Toni, you asked what Anna would like for her birthday - I think she would love another pair of silky, shiny, fluffy slippers.  I could be wrong, and she might insist on the pink snowman slippers till they literally fall apart!

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