Saturday, February 23, 2008

First car wash

Today we were out and about with the girls, and on the way home we decided to get some gas and a car wash, since the car was very salty.  It was a touchless car wash, so there were no scary brushes whapping against the windows or breaking our antennas.  The first couple passes of the bar just lightly sprayed soap onto the car, and the girls were enthralled watching it, almost enjoying watching it.  But then on the 3rd pass, which was the first rinse, the bar was spraying water rather hard, and that's when the Anna got scared, covered her ears, and said she wanted us to leave.  I think Cara was actually ok until she saw Anna scared, then Cara started crying.

It reminded me of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark towards the end, when they've opened the ark, and one of the ghosts comes up to the main bad guy after someone else had proclaimed, "It's beautiful!" [the light soap spray] Then the ghost suddenly turns into a scary demon, the horror music starts blaring, and everyone is screaming in terror [the rinse].

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