Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Firetruck Santa

In our neighborhood, Santa doesn't travel on a sleigh.  He rides on top of a firetruck decked out with Christmas lights, escorted by an ambulance and two other fire trucks, all with lights flashing and sirens blaring when they're on the move. He drives through our neighborhood waving, and when they stop, elves emerge from all the vehicles bearing candy canes for all the waiting kids. For a nominal fee, Santa will even make a special visit into your house.

Last year when Santa drove through, mommy was gone, and daddy took the girls out to see the trucks and wave to Santa. They both liked the lights, the candy canes, and Santa.  This year, mommy took Cara outside by herself to see Firetruck Santa, because for some reason, Anna was terrified of the sirens, especially when they got closer. She would cover her ears and start screaming and crying if the door was open and the sirens were on, and she wanted no part of going outside.  So while mommy and Cara were outside, I went to our upstairs bedroom so we could look at the firetrucks and Santa from our big window.

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